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Fr 25.01.19


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19:00 Uhr Moving into the Infinite.... Im Spiegel Deines Angesichts
Carola Stieber

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A contemporary fairytale told in essay form that documents the life of an extraordinary dancer. In her worldwide travels, she encounters people from different countries, cultures, religions, and social statuses, each with a different life story. In the collective story of these encounters, the film invites us to reflect upon our own values and assumptions.
Touching on symbols and archetypes, Moving into the Infinite traces the soul`s quest and journey. A dance film and cosmic love story, it is about the desire for Truth in the guise of dance

Director Biography - Carola Stieber
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Date of birth: 1.8.1973 in Tiengen, Hochrhein, Germany | 1993 Abitur |
1998 Diploma for "Moderne Theater Dans", AHK Hoogeschool voor de Kunsten, Amsterdam, Netherlands
2000 Graduation from one year Clairvoyant Programm, Berkeley Psychic Institute, California, USA
2002 Founding own school of Dance and Consciousness "Devadasi - Dance of the Heart"
Seven years I spent much time in India. My base is in Germany.
In the last 15 years I was dancing and teaching in over 20 countries.
It is dear to me to bring people from different cultures and spiritual traditions together in music, dance and celebration.
2014-2017 were dedicated to the film project "Moving into the Infinite".

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